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Southwestern Seminary Supporters Are Asking for Investigative Committee Questioning the Actions of the EC at SWBTS

PERSONAL NOTE: A lot of criticism has been issued since the release of this letter. Much of that criticism has to do with the “threat to withhold funds”. The writers do have a responsibility to share their concerns when there … Continue reading

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My Problem With Calvinism, Part 2

There is a second reason that I cannot accept the tenets of Calvinism and it involves the Calvinist postulate that God before the foundation of the world chose the elect to be “in Christ” and those individuals are the ones … Continue reading

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The Problem With Calvinism Part 1

Calvinism is NOW the theological flavor for the SBC today. It has been around the SBC since its founding but make no mistake about it, it is infinitely more popular today than it has ever been in the SBC. More … Continue reading

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Phillip Bethencourt to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Here is an interesting item I heard discussed MORE THAN ONCE in Dallas earlier this week. Phillip Bethencourt’s name was mentioned as the anticipated successor to Dr. Patterson as president of SWBTS. Who is Bethencourt? He has served Southern Seminary since … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Southern Baptist Convention: We Are Now At A New Low

The Southern Baptist Convention just reached a new low. Recent reports show the number of churches in the SBC has increased but membership and baptisms are on the decline. Is this a sign that NAMB’s transfer of its focus from … Continue reading

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List of Trustees for Southwestern Seminary and the Executive Committee

A number of people have asked about the trustees of Southwestern Seminary as well as who are the trustees that make up the Executive Board. Here is a list from the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention Annual. The names that are … Continue reading

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A Statement from Dr. Paige Patterson

  Dear Southern Baptist Family:   On May 22 the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary met together in a board meeting called at my request.  At that meeting, in which I briefly participated, I was asked to assume the position of President Emeritus of Southwestern, and … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Southern Baptist Brothers and Sisters by Dr. Thomas Hatley

(Posted with Permission)

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Dr. Allan Moseley: “I don’t recall the lady telling me that.”

  In an article published on June 6, 2018 in the Baptist Standard, which can be read in its entirety here, the following was written: “Dr. Patterson first learned of the charges that he allegedly did not report a rape … Continue reading

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The release of facts in response to further accusations against terminated SWBTS president Paige Patterson

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Shelby Sharpe, Sharpe & Rector P.C., (817) 338-4900 June 4, 2018 Given the wide-spread misrepresentation and misinformation regarding Dr. Patterson, it is important to set the facts straight. Insofar as they continue to be misrepresented publicly, … Continue reading

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