Phillip Bethencourt to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Here is an interesting item I heard discussed MORE THAN ONCE in Dallas earlier this week. Phillip Bethencourt’s name was mentioned as the anticipated successor to Dr. Patterson as president of SWBTS.

Who is Bethencourt? He has served Southern Seminary since 2006, holding positions as director of Academic Advising for the School of Theology, director of Research Doctoral Studies and Academic Advising, and instructor of Christian theology at Boyce College. He has also served as executive assistant to the senior vice president for Academic Administration as well as vice president of Academic Services.

Bethancourt is currently the vice president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission under the leadership of Russell D. Moore. He continues to teach for the School of Theology as assistant professor of Christian theology.

There are a couple problems with this comment. First of all, no search committee has even been named by the trustees. Secondly, this would make it 7 out of 7 entity hires to come out of the Mohler machine.

Someone say it ain’t so. Please.

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2 Responses to Phillip Bethencourt to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  1. Bob Williford says:

    If this is so, the SBC is no longer recognizable….even from the inside.

  2. Donald L. Morgan says:

    well it appears the Stalin-esque takeover of the SBC is just about complete. What a shame! Good Pastors should start looking at separating themselves from the SBC shortly.

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