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  1. What should be our focus as a Convention is a matter of purpose and steadfastness. Most of what I am reading is preacher talk. Too often discussions are more about answering questions that no one in the pews is asking. In the rush to have academic and spiritual influence, the question I struggle with is “Where in this is Christ glorified?”.

    • sbcissues says:


      In an ideal world the spiritual significance and application will run along the same path. However, the academic side is what eventually leads the direction in the pew. When theological ideologies begin to surface, discussion MUST take place or we will wake up and wonder how did we get ourselves in this mes. Folks tend to want to take care of their Jerusalem and let the other guys take care of the Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. Make no mistake about it, if we sit back and let others take the lead that is exactly what they will do and I for one am not pleased at all with the direction things are now headed. I can ask you final question of the ones silently guiding the SBC ship…

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