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UPDATED: Paige Patterson: “meeting with the student alone so that he could “break her down” 30 Days AFTER Rape Reported

UPDATE: June 6, 2018 In an article released by the Baptist Standard that can be accessed here, gave the following statement concerning Patterson’s unusual comment in an email: During the May 22 Southwestern trustee meeting, Patterson “explained the full context” … Continue reading

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The untold truth: Facts surrounding Paige Patterson and his removal from SWBTS By Sharayah Colter

UPDATE: The release of facts in response to further accusations against terminated SWBTS president Paige Patterson     The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.” – Proverbs 18:17 (NASB) When I received news that … Continue reading

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Petition In Support of Dr. Page Patterson

<   The malicious attacks against Paige Patterson have brought to attention the need to vocally and verbally support the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Here is an open letter of support for Dr. Patterson in his role as … Continue reading

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JD Greear for President of the Southern Baptist Convention: Since When Did We Become Southern Baptist?

Click on the picture below to hear Greear’s comments to his church. JD Greear announced to his church that he had been asked to allow his name to be placed in nomination for president of the Southern Baptist Convention. In … Continue reading

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Free Will in a Response Driven World

I am not a proponent of any discussion concerning the subject, “free-will.” The term itself is vague and ambiguous in and of itself. The whole idea that men are “free” to will what they choose, is in and of itself … Continue reading

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My problem with Calvinism and Reformed Theology:

Calvinism as I see it is an indictment against the character of God; it portrays God as the One who decides who does and does not receive the “get out of hell” card that all deserve (hell) but only a … Continue reading

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New Life In Christ

There continues to be this question about regeneration and the issue of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. If one is dead, that means there is no life. Death is like darkness; it does not really exist but is the … Continue reading

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Troublemakers in the SBC: Do We Want Unity or Division?

Only July 12, the New Orleans Baptist Association published a statement titled, Which Way Forward, Toward Unity or Division?” It can be read in its entirety by CLICKING HERE. I understand the need for unity and the desire for unity. As Christians, … Continue reading

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The Crux of Calvinism

At the heart of Calvinism is an answer to a very simple question. Is a person saved BECAUSE he repents and by faith believes in the finished work of Christ on the cross or is a person saved so that … Continue reading

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A Response to Dr. Russ Moore’s Article, “2 Chronicles 7:14 Isn’t About American Politics”

Dr. Russell Moore has written an article titled “2 Chronicles 7:14 Isn’t About American Politics”. Moore’s article can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. In the article, he laments the use of this great text on patriotic holidays. He writes, “In … Continue reading

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