The Sinner’s Prayer at Work at the SBC in New Orleans!

The following is the personal story of Eric Reese, an IMB Missionary serving in Brazil who was working the IMB Booth and about to pull it down and head home. Praise God, He had other plans and right next door to the hall where the SBC voted to affirm the use of the Sinner’s Prayer, this missionary led a couple of teenagers to the Lord! I believe this was a fitting end to the convention!   ><>”

Eric writes,

It’s the last day of the convention. It’s a late Wednesday evening almost time to fold the tent for travel back to Virginia. This smiling group of people come down the hall and I greet them inviting them to go through the tent to pray for missionaries around the world.

The older of the two ladies tells me that she indeed has been praying for a missionary in Brazil with a Leg infection. I was shocked! I told her that would be me. We laughed and I brought her up to date about my right leg. Giving her more insight on how to pray for me.

The two ladies were accompanied by two young people, a boy and a girl. Well, just as they are about to leave the other lady tells me that her niece & nephew are not saved and she asks me would I pray for their salvation. The kids had stepped away for a moment.

Privately, I asked her if she could give me some time to witness to them right now? She gave me permission, so I shared His story and they listened very closely. As I presented the gospel, I was praying for God to move upon the twins’ hearts. God in fact did just that right there in the hall!

As hundreds of people continued walking by they both bowed their heads and asked Jesus Christ to come into their hearts. What a God we serve! As I turned around both the ladies were crying as they heard their visiting niece and nephew accept Christ.

To God be the Glory!

Bio from Eric:

    Born: August 22, 1966, Albany, Georgia
    Parents: Henry Reese, Jessie Reese Hill
    Married: Ramona Reese
    Children: Gloria Reese 15, Alicia Reese 11

    Diploma, Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina, 1984
    B.A., Political Science, Albany State University, 1993
    M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1999
    D-Min., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 2009-present

    Pastor, Cedarcliff Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas, 1993-2000
    International Missionary, International Mission Board, Richmond, Virginia, 1999-present
    Member, Southern Baptist Convention, 1990-present


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One Response to The Sinner’s Prayer at Work at the SBC in New Orleans!

  1. Max says:

    Praise God! That ole sinner’s prayer still works!!

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