Peter Lumpkins wrote an article earlier this month regarding what he called a “gag order” that had been issued for NAMB employees to which he later recanted as he concluded, the “gag rule” could not be corroborated. Lumpkins wrote, “I regret to report there exists no corroboration I can detect on the “gag rule” being implemented in the form stated in the post–i.e. a signed form in chapel service. And, while there seems to exist evidence that verbal forms of the “gag rule” placed upon NAMB employees are present at NAMB (expressed, for example, in what some reference as “boot camps”) still the fact remains, the information I received about the chapel service and signed document is hardly accurate. his article can be read by CLICKING HERE.

I have been made aware of another kind of “gag order” that seems to now be “par for the course” for retiring employees of various state and national entity retirees. It appears that a number of retiring SBC personnel are being required to sign statements that they will not be critical of the entities that they previously worked for or face financial repercussions for doing so. Some of these agreements may actually require the individual to return some or all of the retirement funds if they publicly respond negatively to things going on with respect to their former employer. I do not know just how prevalent this problem is, but I have had the similar comments made to me from several people who have contacted me with respect to various posts placed here within the last 5 or 6 weeks.

I personally find this kind of strong arm tactics on behalf of ANY SBC entity appalling. If a former employee of any entity has critical comments on what they believe to be going on in the SBC, they ought to be able to voice their objection without fear of reprisal, financial or otherwise. It certainly seems that there is plenty of criticism coming from entity leaders if they deem it necessary, as well as their “talking heads”. It is one thing for corporate America to use such agreements, but this is one agreement that needs to be done away with in the SBC and its associated state entities.


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