The Future of This Ole Ship, The Southern Baptist Convention

The SBC is embroiled in a politically charged environment that is not going to go away. At stake is the direction this old stately ship is going to sail in the future. Everyone knows that this is the case. There are many who do not mind and support the direction the rudder is facing today. That is part of the process. It is one of the difficult aspects of being so diverse. It will work itself out.

While I have been criticized for being so critical of what I see taking place, I am trying as best I know how to be as fair as I can, given the information I have to go on and things that I see taking place that I do not approve of. I clearly recognize the responsibility of those who disagree with me to express their concerns and opinions accordingly and welcome and respect those opinions. if I did not, I would not be posting here.

It is helpful to read those who have differing opinions, or else the whole concept of blogging would be a waste of everyone’s time. All the Calvinists would just gather over at “The Voices” and rant and rave about the non-Calvinists that gather to rant and rave at Peter’s Place. The interaction I think can be helpful to some degree. However, this propensity to refuse to acknowledge a dissenting opinion and perspective and marginalize the one who is making it, it petty and unbecoming to everything we should be here to do.

I have made statements that fall into that category as well and have apologized for doing so and will apologize again. I would love nothing more than to find a comfortable balance here but I do not believe that is possible and I also am becoming increasingly more aware of the fact that the Calvinist agenda may well now be so far along that the convention’s future will no doubt look much different than it did yesterday. That is a compliment, for the record.

I will continue to express my opinion and solutions as I see them to avoid what I believe will be the inevitable change that appears to be coming. Do I have a crystal ball, no. Do I believe everyone always says what they mean and mean what they say, no. Sorry; no one else here does either. So with that being said,

May God lead and guide and direct the future of the SBC and may He maintain the glory in all we undertake to do. The SBC needs God; God does not need the SBC.



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Interested in bringing the issues facing The Southern Baptist Convention to light.
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One Response to The Future of This Ole Ship, The Southern Baptist Convention

  1. oldship says:

    Thanks for posting a fair and honest opinion.
    I am sure for some that your perspective makes no sense at all.
    The concepts of change and transitions are running on high octane lead…
    …the investments in this world by commodity and by politics are not always made to seem to be in the majority of welcomed interests. And so much more today, if some future look back on this turn of the century and millennium ends up with a bunch of one word prefixes to fill in the blank before ___era, like baby boomers and generation-x’rs , then certainly some balance of “construct” will be on the tray of imaginary scales and that tray will have to be aligned with the otherside of the fulcrums tray holding its share of deconstructed, to call it history.
    In this modern ‘ERA” then, it may be a safe bet to understand that there are many ideas really being concidered( as many already have been implimented) that go directly against “tradition” and moral values of streams from denomination, to Christian, and all the way to any “religion” in God as Christians understand God. This is not simply an ANTI – CHRISTIAN movement. It is an authority and power grab and an imperial or dictorial concept with subject or topic lede’s from a broad range that are conglomerating(probably by simple world regulations and world market policy and incentives.
    What we may think as conservatives of any conservative nature, is that this is happening to us through a liberal fairness, drawing any to have only the choice of what is regulated to be the way of the day , and that being of the greater deconstructive purpose, or from where else will change come from?
    It only matters that the peoples and powers that be either get credit for being part of the change or that they are placed in the history books so that the new orders can fullfilled by the new people and powers.
    However, if ever, this may seem to far out to be apart of our sacred SBC or sacred Calvinist programing. I’m sure then either will end up as a nice little storybook collection to be a topic sometime in the future in the greater contruct’s book club; that’s if its not a banned book.
    HABAKUK tells a great a story about these worldly influences rising up and how even the succeding conquers fall to worsen destruct over the same “concept”: if I remember correctly it is something to the nature of reasons for ignoring GOD and not giving God credit; and that is of the same God as Adam’s Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and if modern scholars are correct, the same God of Merlin and KIng Athur and all of ancient Americas’.
    Sometimes of our own business and created opertunity, whether of and with and for the people and by the people, or by the great empires in power, the human side of us really may not know where some things will lead us to. Those are the points we must work out together. More than the Global warming issue anyway.
    LIberal or conservative, the stream of ideas are as absurd as they are apparently vindictive.
    An old Latin word comes to mind that I really do not understand its meaning “edificauit” and as to whether it is of a hand-me-down of etymology or more of a sensible hand-out , to relate what thinking need to be instrumental here.
    Philosophic or paradigm; a phrase I equate in duet and harmony though they could be of the discern of a joint effort of opposing :
    ~ The natural propensity of faith, and the patience of fate …
    … the natural propensity of fate, and the patience of faith. ~

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