The Gospel Project

As expected, two things are already happening with respect to the announcement of “The Gospel Project” I mentioned a couple days ago, HERE. There are cries from those who see the CLEAR Calvinist leaning group that is responsible for the project and then there are those who are asking, “What is the big deal? Just because they are Calvinist, that does not mean the project is not well written and worthy of being promoted to Southern Baptist Churches as a great Bible Study.” Ok.

In all fairness, it ought to be clearly understood that these writers are going to write from the depths of their hearts concerning what they believe the Bible teaches about what the TRUE GOSPEL is! To simply pass this project off as a Great Bible Study that is not going to deal with the issues that THESE Calvinists consider strictly Biblical is a slap in the faces of those who have invested themselves in this project. It is as if the Calvinist response is, “let’s all live and let live; let’s all get together and sing “kumbayah “ and be one big happy family. This Bible Study will be a big blessing to the people in your church. What is the “BIG DEAL?”

Let’s take a look at what the BIG DEAL really is. Here is a statement about “The Gospel Project” made in BP’s Press release. “The Gospel Project for Student’s focused on biblical theology, apologetics, missions and the overall story of Scripture. ‘This is more than curriculum,’ said Trevin Wax, managing editor of The Gospel Project. ‘The goal is to provide a theologically driven study that points people to Jesus’.” Sounds absolutely wonderful until one digs in a little deeper to understand what some actually identify as being “theologically driven.” This is no doubt driven by Reformed thought. There is no responsible reason to expect any less.

Make no mistake about it; The Gospel Project will be exactly what the managing editor says it will be; “a theologically driven study (according to the writers) that points people to Jesus.” That theology will be reflected in the theological positions of the individuals who have been carefully chosen to write this project. These men have never been accused of pulling any punches to appease anyone other than the God they serve on a daily basis. There is no reason to expect any less here. The Gospel Project will deliver everything promised and a LOT MORE.

I would like to suggest a title for Lifeway’s consideration: “The Gospel Project: A Reformed Perspective”. If Lifeway does this, I will be 110% in support of their move; given the fact that they are going to release it anyway! Let the churches know UP FRONT what it is that they are being offered. Objections to this suggestion will be telling enough in and of themselves.


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9 Responses to The Gospel Project

  1. Ben Chandler says:

    I like your suggestion of the renamed project so that churches will know what they are buying. Period.

    • sbcissue says:

      Yea; It is NOT going to happen but at least some are getting the message. Folks hit this site every day from google as they search “The Gospel Project.” Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.


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  3. Eric Maynard says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. Spurgeon was a Calvinist. Should we be wary of of his writings? Let’s see, so was Broadus and Boyce. And what about those Abstract Principles? Its funny, I have never met a 5 point Calvinist who denied the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible or a Calvinist who was a liberal. It is really “frightening” that there actually might be Calvinists in the SBC who might be writing curriculum and books! Imagine that! We might actually have our theological horizons broadened somewhat and strengthened. Let’s see, Jonathan Edwards was a Calvinist (the most brilliant mind in American history). Then there’s D. Martyn Lloyd Jones. William Carey (the father of modern missions) was a Calvinist. Man, we better get scared. Some in the SBC might become like those guys!
    Can I make a suggestion? Lay off. Stop the fear mongering and painting Calvinism as something horrible and negative. They may have a different understanding than you do, but they aren’t the boogeyman.

  4. sbcissue says:


    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You echo my point very well: “We might actually have our theological horizons broadened somewhat and strengthened.”

    If by broadened you mean the theological scales of non-calvinism falling from our eyes and the lens of calvinism put in, I say, “no thank you.” I do not believe God is the One who determines who does and who does not go to heaven. God is the One who saves; He saves those who believe not those He decides can or will believe. As far as I am concerned, this theological position speaks to the character of God and I for one do not believe it is a correct theological perspective and most certainly does not belong in SBC churches that are not calvinist and have no desire to be calvinist.

    However, because Lifeway has been THE provider of literature to SBC churches, many will purchase this material having no clue that it is being produced with a clear intential calvinist leaning bias. What is equally interesting is the FACT that The Gospel Project is FREE to churches for the first month. It is interesting to me that the demand for such a theological project is so strong that it must be free for churches to try it.

    Thanks for stopping by though!


  5. Tony says:

    If the accusation is that this presents a reformed bent, it would be nice to see examples of the issues from the material, then people from both sides of the issue could decide the extent to which this affects them and choose whether they will purchase the material or not….

    • sbcissues says:


      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. My point is simple. The advisers to TGP are convictionally Calvinist. Now, shape that fact any way you want. The product they produce should represent their theological convictions OR in my opinion it would not worth reading.

      My problem is not that it is Calvinist leaning, but that it is being sold to churches that have no idea this controversy even exists and it presents the potential to subtly present a Calvinist perspective in our churches, whether they realize it or not. My suggestion to Lifeway was to label it a Reformed Perspective. That is all and then sell away!


      • Ben Chandler says:

        We ought to avoid deception at all cost. Hidden agendas create conflict and destroy relationships. Note the previous four conventions. -ben

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